Dave Brimley

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  • June 21, 2015

    Hazelcast Cluster Quorum

    A new feature in the 3.5 release of Hazelcast is the Cluster Quorum. In this instance we’re not talking about a Quorum in its traditional distributed systems sense, think of a Cluster Quorum as a kind of gatekeeper, protecting your cluster during...

  • January 04, 2015

    Hazelcast Dev Workflows & Tools

    It all began when I started working for Hazelcast a year ago this month. In previous roles I’d always worked on one project at a time and usually had a dedicated set of UAT and test servers that I could deploy to, along with a Continuous Integrati...

  • January 03, 2015

    Apple Magic Mouse Lag

    Quick to accuse Yosemite, but I was wrong…this time. Against my better judgment I upgraded my work Macbook Pro (Retina - Late 2013) to Yosemite just over a month ago now. I encountered a lot of problems previously reported such as Filevault and S...